All Had Big Fun at Butler Ford and Acura New Owner’s Open House

Thank you, all! We were so pleased with the turnout at last evening’s New Owner’s Open House at Butler Ford and Butler Acura. It was a pleasure to get to share a light meal with you, learn about how you’re adjusting to your new car, truck or SUV, introduce you to our sales, service, parts and finance staff, and answer your questions. We hope you come back when we throw another Ford and Acura party later this year. And next time, bring a friend!


Free Alignment Inspection at Any Butler Service Center

Free Alignment Inspection 2 copyIs it starting to feel like your car or truck’s out of alignment?  (Signs include uneven tire wear, vibration, and a vehicle that pulls or drifts to one side while you’re driving on a straight-away.) Don’t wonder any longer!  Print and redeem the coupon above for a FREE alignment check any of our four Butler Service Center locations.  If your vehicle’s fine, you’ll be on your way with no cost.  If an alignment is needed, and you decide to let us do the work, you’ll be entitled to $20.00 off the regular price.  It’s a win-win!  Call us to set up an appointment or just drop by.  We’ll be ready for you!

What a Year at Butler Acura!

Kaylajillphotography-64Let me start with a whole hearted “Thank you!” to all our Butler Acura Sales and Service customers!  With your help we increased sales year over year by 89% and hit 112% of the 2012 sales goals set for us by Acura Corporate.  Those two things together add up to the best year for new car sales in recent Butler Acura history!

After such a great year we are not about to rest on our laurels.  Planned improvements to sales and service will result in a better selection of cars for your future purchases and a more comfortable facility.  And new hires in the service department will reduce your waiting times.

As for staff, we will maintain our wonderful service department led by Joe Butterfield with master certified tech Chris May leading technicians in their training and development.  On the sales side we’ve made some staffing changes.  For those of you who don’t know me I am Peter McFadden, Butler Acura Sales Manager.  For most of the past six years I had the privilege of meeting most Acura clients.  Six months ago I moved from our Acura store to Butler Hyundai and Kia in Medford to continue my automotive education.  Then, in October 2011 I was honored to take the helm of Butler Automotive Group’s luxury brand with an eye on making it more than it already was.

We have kept John Oliviera as our senior Acura product specialist.  John’s customer service skills are fantastic and he makes the process of buying a car easy and fun.  He’s worked hard to learn the brand and is already on his way to being among Butler’s elite sales consultants.  John prides himself on making sure his customers are lifelong members of the Butler Acura Family.

John and I are joined by another of the company’s senior sales consultants from our Hyundai Store, Dave Peterson.  Don’t let the fact that he is new to the Acura brand fool you.  Dave completed Acura training faster than any other sales consultant with the exception of myself in the past six years and is rapidly becoming our Acura technology expert.  Having been Hyundai and Kia certified for the last few years, Dave brings a new enthusiasm and perspective to the Acura store.  Add to that the fact that he’s almost completed the grueling Ford Certification, as well, and Dave is poised to become the only Butler Sales Consultant certified in all brands we sell.

What does all this mean?  It means Butler Acura’s future is brighter than ever before.  With exciting new products like the Acura RLX, successor to the RL, on the horizon we look forward to a huge year with your help.

PeterMcFadden2So, whether you recently joined our family or have been a member for years, thank you  for helping make 2012 a phenomenal year.  May 2013 be even better!

Happy New Year to you and yours,

Peter McFadden / Sales Manager, Butler Acura

Best, Worst, and Weirdest Car Names Ever

The infamous Chevy Nova

Remember the story about Chevy and the Nova?  The auto maker’s efforts to market the car in Latin America failed spectacularly .  Turns out “no va” in Spanish means “it doesn’t go”, and nobody wants a car that doesn’t go!

The story is usually cited to illustrate the difficulties in translation when it comes to naming vehicles.  But I’m not concerned with what American model names may mean in other languages so much as in what they mean – or don’t mean –  in America.

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of the best, worst and weirdest car names:  But there must be others out there… can you think of any?

Are You Left-Brained or Right-Brained?

A friend of mine recently bought a sports car. He knew he wanted a used car, and he knew he wanted luxury and performance. But that’s all he knew when he went into the process; he had no brand loyalty or, even brand preference. He researched. He test drove. He compared numbers, and not just the ones having to do with price.

Ultimately, the car he ended up buying was the one he’d originally dismissed for fear it would be too expensive. While he’s over the moon with his purchase he’ll also tell you his choice made sense. It was driven by reason.

What impressed me about his process was that it was so methodical, so logical, so left-brained. I have never gone about buying a car like that. In my world, a certain budget must be adhered to and… that’s about it. For me, the decision is all emotional. I either love it or I don’t and the rest is not up for discussion.

That attitude is shifting in that the desire to be more environmentally friendly is coming into play, as are considerations like fuel economy and seating capacity. Daisy Dog and I don’t t take up too much space or cover a tremendous number of miles so, the latter two are still flexible. But even if they weren’t, I just can’t see myself, unless it were absolutely necessary, buying a vehicle that didn’t bring me joy. I need to love the feeling of driving it. I need to appreciate its lines. I need to adore, yes, even the color (See “Silver” blog: It’s not completely irrational… but it’s close. My process is driven by the right-side of my brain.

Which side governs yours?

Fuel Filter as Important as Fuel

You don’t even think about the fact that you have to put fuel in your car or truck to keep it running. But did you know you should also be checking your fuel filter on a regular basis?
A dirty filter can allow impurities to infiltrate the engine, making the fuel less effective (think arteries and the affect cholesterol can have on *your* system). Less effective fuels means you get fewer miles for your dollar.
But regular maintenance can boost your fuel economy. And it’s as easy as scheduling on-line. Check us out at: