Memorial Weekend is the Best Time to Buy a New Acura

Did you know Memorial Day Weekend is actually one of the best times to find great deals on new cars? As the 2016 models arrive, dealers are now able to discount the 2015 models. Inventories like ours are well stocked with gorgeous 2015 Acura RDXs, MDXs, and TLXs and they are now being priced to move.

In case you’re wondering how this whole process works, Acura dealers cannot price lower than Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) on a current year. For example, there are no incentives or discounts for a 2015 TLX  if the 2016 model hasn’t arrived. However, once the new modelsRDXRed finally start to arrive (exciting!!) automakers dole out incentives on high volume and slow selling older models to keep inventories fresh and manageable. The good news for you is…our fleet of 2016 models including the RDX, and MDX and ILX have arrived and we’re ready to pass these incentives and discounts onto you. The 2015 RDX dropped from $41,468 to $38,975. An award-winning RDX for under $40k? WOW! Our best-seller, the MDX, is also joining the sale party with the 2015 model plummeting from $50,313 to $46,975!* Click HERE for details about both these stunning SUVs.

“The warmer weather is finally here, and consumers are back on dealer new vehicle lots,” says Jonathan Banks, executive analyst at the National Auto Dealers Association. “With an abundance of incentives, competitive finance, and lease offers, it isn’t surprising to see new vehicles sell so well.” To that end, Banks says automakers’ incentive spending was up by 3.2 percent last month, at an average $2,671 per vehicle.

AcuraMDXButlerAccording to, they recently scoured the deals and incentives listings in each of several online car price/shopping services, including,, and Kelley Blue Book, as well as automakers’ websites to unearth some of the absolute best new-car deals in time for summer road trips. Click HERE for more information.

We hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! If you’re wondering what to do on this three-day weekend we have some thoughts:

1) Saturday-Sunday: visit us in Ashland and check out some the best deals on Acuras you’ll find ALL year! Find out more HERE or come in!

2) Find the Acura of your dreams and take a small road trip to the coast, dig your feet in the sand, relax. Or go to the mountains. Or sit in a hammock. Or the couch. Relax.

*MDX and RDX sale prices good through 5/30/15 


Join the Butler Crew on the Britt Hill to see the John Butler Trio!

Just a reminder: the John Butler Trio will be performing at Britt this Thursday! John BUTLER… as in Chuck BUTLER… as in, John is Chuck’s nephew! Needless to say, we at Butler Auto are beyond proud to be sponsoring the John Butler Trio’s Britt appearance on September 1, 2011 at 7 p.m. For info on the band, visit: and For the complete 2011 Britt Festival line-up, visit: Can’t wait to see you on the hill!

The DL on QR Codes (Translation: “Down Low” or “What the Heck is a QR Code?”)

It’s funny how the universe puts us where we need to be.  Funny and reassuring, and… occasionally frustrating… almost like there’s a booming voice from above saying, “You may not like it now but you’ll thank me later.”    Take, for example, a painfully shy 18 year old who couldn’t book a dentist appointment without feeling butterflies.  What happened?  A well-known local weatherman “discovered” her and dragged her, against her will, into television.  That was 20 years, 2 months ago and now, I can talk to anyone.  Thank you, Universe.

But there are things I’m still fighting, one of which is technology.  I prefer real books over Kindles; car windows that roll down, and cell phones that exist primarily to make phone calls.  I am behind the tech curve and I like it that way. So, of course, technology is being introduced into my world at a dizzying speed. 

Enter the QR, or quick response, code, also known as a tag.  You may have already seen them, in magazines or on advertisements.  Here’s one for Butler Acura: 

The tags originated in Japan and operate like barcodes in that they’re chock full of information goodness when read by a scanner.    So, bust out your Smart Phone, download a QR reader app (check to see which app will work for your phone) and scan the code to see what comes up.  QR codes can be encrypted with all kinds of data so they’re ideal for cramming a ton of information into tiny spaces.

Acura’s already using QR codes in its glossy car brochures.  In fact, many pages in said brochure sport nothing but photos, no text.   It’s not hard to imagine a day in the not too distant future when every vehicle for sale will have a code on the sticker.  One scan and you’d know not only that vehicle’s specifications but also what accolades it’s garnered or even, in the case of a pre-owned car/truck, its history.

We at Butler see where this is going so we’re getting on the band wagon.  Look for QR tags to show up on our marketing materials as well as our inventory in the not too distant future.  If your phone isn’t equipped to read a QR code, it might be time for a new phone.

You may not like it now but you’ll thank me later.