Acura Wins Edmunds 2015 Best Retained Value Award

acuralotnosesAcura was named the top luxury brand in’s 2015 Best Retained Value Awards. This is the fifth year has awarded brands and individual models for projected resale value, and Acura has taken home top honors in the luxury segment for four years in a row.

With advancements in automotive technology and performance coming every model year, a car maintaining its value is more important than ever. compares the value of a car at purchase to the projected value of that same car after five years, and Acura was tops among all luxury brands at an estimated 46.9% of its value after five years on the road. Toyota was awarded the highest marks among non-luxury makes at 52.4% value retention. Consumer Advice Editor Carroll Lachnit says having an idea of a car’s retained value is crucial to the car-buying process. “Smart car shoppers who are likely to sell their car within five years should always stop and consider projected residual values before making a new car purchase,” Lachnit said. “Whether you are leasing or buying, the retained value of a car can make a big difference in your wallet.”

Acura’s recognition as the best brand at retaining value was just the tip of the iceberg. also recognized the 2015 ILX as the best entry-level luxury car, the 2015 RDX as the best entry-level luxury SUV, and the 2015 MDX as honorable mention in the midrange luxury SUV category. No luxury brand had more winning vehicles in this year’s awards than Acura.

acuraloveThis success speaks volumes about what Acura strives for. While many luxury vehicles are flashy and impressive initially, Acuras manage to toe the line between a powerful first impression and lasting appeal and value. Whether you’re interested in a car that will retain its value over a few years, or are looking for a vehicle that is built for the long haul, Acura is in a league of its own. If you would like to see any of Acura’s award-winning lineup, stop by Butler Acura today!


Gifted Designer Takes The Lead at Acura

Acclaimed author and economist George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” Acura has recently demonstrated a commitment to this philosophy by replacing their chief executive in the middle of an especially good patch for company profits.

ikedaaaMike Accavitti, who was an executive with Chrysler before making the jump to Acura, was replaced after 16 months as head of the company by Jon Ikeda. The change in leadership comes on the heels of June sales that surpassed last year’s figures by 38.6%. Yet just as Accavitti was instrumental in bolstering sales in 2015, Ikeda will likely prove essential to Acura’s rise from 2015 forward.

Ikeda is in many ways the personification of how Acura thinks about cars relative to its competition. While virtually all chief executives, including Accavitti, have the bulk of their experience in fields like finance, marketing, or communications, Jon Ikeda has spent his career as a designer. Ikeda was almost single-handedly responsible for the approval and creation of Acura’s design studio in Torrance, California, and many of Acura’s most recognizable and beloved cars, like the 2004 TL, were the product of his creative and artistic abilities.

2015-Acura-NSXIkeda has already demonstrated himself savvy at managing talent. He named Michelle Christensen exterior design project leader for the new Acura NSX, making Christensen the first ever woman to lead in the design of a supercar. As Acura looks to take a resurgence in sales into the second half of the decade that saw the car industry come back from the brink, Ikeda’s design pedigree seems perfectly suited to turn Acura’s vision for its future into reality.

We love our current lineup, and we’re not alone there, but the opportunity to have a true visionary with such a rich knowledge of the company take the helm has us even more excited for Acura’s future than we were already. And when the NSX finally rolls up to our lot, we’ll have the head of the company to thank for choosing a gifted designer to take the lead!

HGTV’s 2015 Urban Oasis Home Giveaway Includes a 2016 Acura TLX

fronthgtvThis year’s HGTV Urban Oasis will give away not only a beautiful home in scenic Asheville, North Carolina, but also $50,000 cash and a 2016 Acura TLX. HGTV has been giving away city apartments in its annual Urban Oasis contest since 2010, but 2015 marks the first year that a small city and house will be featured.

HGTV has chosen the ideal site for a home-renovation project. Asheville, the largest city in Western North Carolina and one of the 15 largest cities in the state, experienced a population boom in the 1930s, and many of its most historic and picturesque homes were built almost a century ago.

HGTV’s renovation has taken a 1920s bungalow into the 20th century in style. The over-1,300 square foot home has been opened up substantially from its original floor plan, and the house is full of naturally-lit, brightly colored spaces and furnishings combed in part from local artists and antique shops.

acurainhouse1Yet as gorgeous a job as designer Brian Patrick Flynn has done renovating the property, nothing got us as excited as what was parked in the garage. The 2016 Acura TLX looks right at home alongside classic architecture with modern styling, and $50,000 in prize money should go a long way with the new TLX’s impressive fuel efficiency.

acuratailhgtvAsheville has more in common than our very own Ashland, Oregon than the first syllable of its name. Both towns are frequently featured on lists of America’s best small cities, and both are home to thriving art scenes.

If a beautiful house, $50,000 cash, and a premium luxury vehicle sound like your cup of tea, you can enter to win HGTV’s Urban Oasis 2015 twice a day from now until September 24th, 2015. Even if you would never consider leaving Southern Oregon, a free TLX is hard to beat!

Test Drive Tuesday: 2016 ILX is the Best ILX to Date

ilx2edit (1)When we first got behind the wheel of the 2016 ILX, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. After all, what exactly does ‘entry-level’ mean when it comes to a luxury vehicle? What we found in the 2016 was a compelling blend of style and performance that maintains the standard of excellence that made Acura famous while setting itself apart from every ILX that came before it.

This car makes a strong first impression: Acura’s patented Jewel Eye LED headlights, combined with a rear spoiler and striking body, evoke understated sophistication. The interior is spacious and boasts just enough hard plastic to make Acura’s signature two-tier screen system, which previous ILX models had lacked, pop visually. The seats adjust to fit a wide height-range and featured seat warmers which went unused, as I was driving in 90+ degree heat.

ilxedit1 (1)While the ILX has improved leaps and bounds from last year in terms of comfort, appearance, and technological features, its improvement is most obvious in its sheer drivability. The 2015 model we drove for reference utilized a 2 liter engine, to less than awe-inspiring effect; the 2016 ILX boasts a 2.4 liter engine and the 8-speed dual clutch transmission, which make for a powerful, smooth drive, both in town and on the highway.

ilxint (1)Also new to the ILX this year is AcuraWatch, with features like Blind Spot Information, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Lane Departure Warning. We’re not fans of bells-and-whistles for innovation’s sake, but we found ourselves using many of the included safety features to enhance our driving experience. The navigation feature was intuitive and streamlined, and the sound system provides crisp and clear audio while also actively noise-cancelling to decrease unwanted noise.

When we pulled back into Butler Acura, we found our questions as to the state of this entry-level luxury sedan answered: Anyone who wants the performance, style, and technology that have made Acura famous along with the best fuel economy and lowest price-tag possible need look no further than the 2016 Acura ILX.

Have You Ever Wondered…

Have you ever wondered how beautiful new Acuras are arrive at the dealerships around the nation? Where they come from? How they’re transferred on the “matrix” semi-trucks? Wonder no more…

Today we received a shipment of Acuras and we snapped a small photo gallery of the process, because once again I was reminded of the complexity of this process. This delivery featured stunning new 2016 MDX’s rolling out of the covered semi-truck and on to our lot. We always know we’re getting special Acuras when a covered truck pulls up.

We chatted with the truck driver and he shared oftentimes there isn’t a lot of room between the vehicle and the truck, so they have to squeeze into the backseat of the vehicle to get into the driver’s seat. Notice where he starts wiping off his shoes and gets ready to squeeze into the MDX before he rolls it out. Who knew? Stay tuned for more “behind the scenes” details of the car biz!


2015 Acura NSX Rises from the Ashes to Return to the ‘Ring

The last time we saw the 2015 Acura NSX running the Nurburgring the day ended in ashes after the supercar inexplicably went up in flames.  But this week, the NSX was back sporting snazzy camouflage and a happy purr.  says the NSX will compete performance-wise with the Ferrari 458 Italia and price-wise with the Audi R8.  Check our the NSX in action in the video above, and learn more about the next generation Acura sports car by clicking here.

Acura TLX Ad Campaign is Brand’s Biggest Ever

2015_TLX1If it feels you can’t turn around without seeing some kind of ad promoting the 2015 Acura TLX there’s good reason; The marketing campaign for the all-new luxury performance sedan is the biggest in Acura history! The brand says the “It’s That Kind of Thrill” campaign includes a web presence on sites like MSN and Yahoo with custom digital content on Slate, Business Insider and Car & Driver sites. New Yorker cartoonists are contributing “Thrillustrations”, engaging cartoon panels featuring the vehicle. Television ads will be complemented by a massive video campaign to hit Facebook this month. Twitter users will be able to design an Acura within a Tweet. And ESPN’s Sportscenter will feature the TLX in a month-long sponsorship of college football hightlights. So, ike we said, the TLX will be everywhere! Of course, if you’d rather see for yourself what all the fuss is about just come to Butler Acura and take one for a test drive. Then and only then will you understand what all the fuss is about.